How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Their Own App

Posted in December 2016 by Ian Naylor

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Think back to when you last spoke to someone who didn’t have a mobile phone. It was a long time ago, right? Mobile devices are everywhere nowadays, and so it’s only right that where there is a mobile phone, there is an opportunity to gain a customer. Creating your own mobile app, tailored precisely to your needs should be the first step in beginning your marketing journey. Not convinced? Well, let us show you how you can grow your business using your own mobile business app.

Be Visible At Any Time

Visibility is essential for your business to survive. There is no use selling the finest haute cuisine, for example if customers do not know you exist. Offering them the option of downloading your app is one of the best ways you can engage with your customers for a small outlay, and ensure that all your promotions, sales, and special offers are available for them to view whatever the time of day or night.


If you want to get an idea of how important being visible is, let us tell you that Millennials alone (those aged 16-30) spend on average one day a week on their mobile phone, which gives you a huge opportunity to engage with them and get your business name out there.

Provide Customer Value

Nowadays, people are cautious with their money and are content to hold out for the deal that offers them more bang for their buck. This means YOU have to be the one to make sure that you’re the best in your field when it comes to value for money.

There are many ways that you can offer value for money. Some businesses choose to give their customers the lowest prices they can, some may offer a loyalty scheme such as the points system commonly used by coffee shops and huge supermarkets, and some offer their customers discounts and offers to tempt them in.

By using a mobile app, you can combine the best of these rewards and display them on your MOBILE APP ONLY for your customers to find. Not only will they feel that they’re getting a better deal than others because of the exclusivity, but in the case of loyalty schemes, they’ll be able to see their points ticking up in real-time, encouraging them to step back into your business premises sooner.

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Engage With Your Customers

Customer service is king when it comes to keeping a business afloat, and being readily available to answer any customer queries when your customer needs them answered. It doesn’t matter if you have a coffee shop or a gym, your customers need to know that you are reliable and at the end of the line if they need to get in touch.

One of the better ways of communicating with your customers is by using a messaging service that is built directly into your app. This allows your customers to contact you and also keep a log of their communication, making it ideal to refer back to later. If you don’t think that this is the kind of thing for you, consider that businesses such as OpenTable have used the system to such an extent that they built their business model around it.

Connecting with your customers using an app also allows you to communicate in the same way consistently. This, allows you to present the same ‘business standard’ each time you ‘speak’ to them, which can build customer trust.

Boost Any Potential Profits

Get your app right, and you’re also likely to see a raise in your profits through increased exposure and increased customer satisfaction. Mobile apps are standard fare for most businesses nowadays, and lend themselves to getting rid of products that are in demand NOW! Ensuring that the design is spot-on, will allow your customers to purchase items or interact with you wherever they happen to be. For example, imagine a customer has just seen a sweater they really wanted in the shop, but it’s not in their size. However, they’ve got your app, so instead of leaving the store empty handed, they check out your mobile phone app and see the same item is for purchase in their size! That’s one happy customer and one sale for you, and you didn’t even need to do anything other than be there.

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We hope we’ve shown you some of the benefits of using your own app to engage with customers and promote your business. Mobile technology is not something that is going to go away, so we feel it is important to get in early at the grass roots level with your own app to tweak and develop it to suit your individual business needs. With a huge reach of over 2.6 billion people worldwide attached to their mobile phones, there is a wealth of untapped potential out there ready to be exploited. Don’t be the one to miss out.

Guest Author
Ian Naylor
Ian Naylor is the CEO & Founder of AppInstitute, a SaaS company that offers an app builder platform for small businesses.

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