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Posted in February 2017 by Elisa Mourão

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One of the biggest challenges of having an app, is trying to get users to rate and review it. ASO experts say that the number of good ratings and reviews help a lot to make your app one of the first of the search ranking. Hence, chances of downloads are higher. Apple is releasing the new version of iOS, the iOS 10.3, which has some new features including one quite promising to help you to get more ratings and reviews from your users.

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1 The World of Rating and Reviewing

Unfortunately, a lot of customers just tend to leave reviews when they get really upset while trying to use the app. In fact, it is hard to get good reviews, even when your user has a good experience. The thing is that when everything is fine, customers don’t think that sharing their positive experiences might help other people to have the same advantages by using that app. The reality is that users are too busy and/or too lazy to leave a review. It’s too much work to be directed to the app store, to think of something to write and, in the end, the user doesn’t earn anything by doing that. Sounds quite selfish, but that’s why this rating world is cruel. So some apps come up with different possibilities, such as creating fake reviews. But still, it doesn’t solve the problem of getting real positive reviews. Moreover, once you update your app, the reviews are gone and you need to collect new ones.

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2 New Features

Apple has just released the new iOS with a new feature that is quite promising for app developers. It will be possible for the user to rate and review the app inside it. It won’t be necessary to be redirected to the app store anymore. Besides this, you will be able to decide when, within the time of usage, it is the perfect moment for a user to rate your app.

There are some other new features of iOS 10.3 that are also interesting. For those who are sports fans, it will be possible to ask Siri about the score of crickets’ games, for instance. Through Siri now it is also possible to pay and check bill status, a part from being able to schedule rides in apps like Uber, for example. Regarding the Maps App, now you can use 3D touch on the weather icon to check the forecast anywhere you are heading to. Apple has made your life easier by informing how much storage you still have in iCloud. Now on the iCloud setting page you can check on a simple graphic how much of your storage has already been used.

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Besides collecting rating and reviews, it is really important to keep track of the performance of your app in the store. App Radar is the best option to help you with that. You can get insights about keywords and, it is also possible to check the performance of the app in every country, which will tell you where improvements are needed. Check it more here:

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