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Posted in August 2017 by Silke Glauninger

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Hey there, Nordic app developers. We have great news for you and everyone who would like to track app store rankings in the Northern Europe versions of the App Store and Google Play.

App Radar ASO Tool now supports international Keyword Tracking for Norway, Sweden and Finland! 🎉

So, let’s have a look on why and how to track your keyword rankings with the help of App Radar.

Why you should track keyword rankings in various countries

The App Store and Google Play Store both enable you to distribute your app to a global audience. So, localizing your app store appearance and your app is a great chance to enlarge the number of users.

Targeting users in different languages and countries is always a challenging task. If you really want to sell your app to an international audience, you should translate user-visible content to make it easier for people to learn about your app and to ensure it appears relevant to your audience.

So, you might put a lot of effort into localizing your app store page. But how do potential users find your app in various countries? A user searching for ‘weather app’ in the United States App Store might be presented a different set of apps, than a user based in Norway searching for the same.

The reason for this is that each country’s app store is quite separated from the others and not every app is offered in every country and language. Thus, an app’s ranking is measured in each country individually and can vary even under the same targeted search term. Due to cultural and linguistic differences, local or regional seasons or holidays, also the users’ search and purchasing behavior differs, which in turn has an influence on how your app is positioned in the app stores.

This is why App Radar ASO Tool is made to track your keyword rankings in various countries and languages.

How to track your keyword rankings for Norway, Sweden or Finland

Let’s have a quick look on how to add a new country to your App Radar ASO Tool project.

New into App Radar? Then start here:
Step 1: Signup for App Radar and choose which app you would like to track.

If you have an valid App Radar account already, start here:
Step 2: Click on “Manage Keywords” in the navigation bar on the very left side of your screen. There you can manage all your keyword sets for available countries.

Step 3: In order to track one of the newly supported countries, click on “Add Country” and select the country you would like to create a keyword set for.

When the new country was successfully added to your ASO Tool project, you can find it in the drop down countries list.

Step 4: Fill in some keywords, you would like to track.

Tip: Use the Keyword Suggestions feature to type in a keyword and get suggestions for commonly used search terms in this country.

Go back to “Ranking” to monitor, how your app and competitors ranks for these keywords in one specific country.

If you experiment any problems adding one of these countries or if you have any questions, contact us via support@appradar.com.

No App Radar user yet? If you are curious, signup for a 14-day free trial and get your keywords rankings and meta data optimized.

Happy Optimizing! :)

Silke Glauninger
Silke is Marketing Manager at App Radar. When not writing about app marketing, you can find her looking for new places to explore or watching series with a cup of tea and chocolate.

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