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Posted in December 2015 by Silke Glauninger

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App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) Holiday Schedule 2017: Dec 23 - 27
Make sure your apps are up-to-date and ready for the winter holidays. New apps and app updates will not be accepted December 23 to 27 (Pacific Time), so any releases should be submitted, approved, and scheduled in advance. Other App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) and developer account features will remain available.

Christmas is boosting Mobile Business

Christmas jingles, colorful lights and stressed people everywhere – yes. Christmas is coming and with it a yearly consumption hype, which doesn’t stop at mobile app stores. As mobile devices have become part of people’s Christmas and Holiday traditions, these days reflect in app download rates.

Consumers especially rush for Games, Social, Media and Lifestyle Apps

For a report, Flurry tracked more than 400,000 apps globally to prove Christmas influence on app download rates and recorded 2013 as the biggest app download Christmas since then. They also found that app downloads on Christmas day were up by 91% to an average day in the first three weeks of December.

As people obviously are relaxing during holidays, apps categorized in Games and Social were on top of xmas downloads in the last years. The rush for Games and Social Apps was twice that of a random December day. However, also Media (photo, video and music apps) and Lifestyle apps (sports, books, magazines, entertainment) experienced an increase in download rates.

On Christmas, Consumers Rush for Games, Social, Media and Lifestyle Apps

Santa no longer takes cookies but Apples

According to a research, in December 2014 most mobile device gifts wrapped under the Christmas trees were Apple products. Apple accounted 51% of new device activations in the time between Dec 19 to Dec 25 2014. Samsung achieved 2nd rank with 17.7% of device activations followed by Nokia, Sony and LG.

Top 5 Device Activations by Manufacturer on Christmas

Prepare for App Store Connect (iTunes Connect)’s yearly holiday-break

In spite of all this Christmas razzmatazz, make sure to get your apps ready for the year’s bussiest season on App Store. However, bear in mind that as every year App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) will be shut down for a week during holidays! As announced at Apple’s developer news and update page, no new apps nor app updates of already existing apps will be accepted from Dec 23 to Dec 27.

How does this impact my App?

As an iOS app developer, you should get sure, that all your releases are submitted, approved and scheduled in advance because the guys of App Store Connect (iTunes Connect), which normally review and prove your app for store release are on christmas holiday then. You should also avoid scheduling any price changes or go-lives for your app within this period. Otherwise, your app won’t even be available for users till 27th of December. That means if you have a spontaneous idea and change your app price in this period, your app won’t be unavailable for purchase during the best time for app downloads. – So just don’t take some app changes under the Christmas tree.

How does this impact my App in view of users?

As long as you do not change anything (updates, new apps, price changes) for your app within Dec 23 and Dec 27, end users won’t notice any impact coming with the App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) shutdown.

Looking Ahead for Christmas 2017

So if we assume Christmas as the most consume-intensive time of the year, you definitely should get sure that your app is ranked well in app stores.As an app developer you should take into account that apple products likely will take head of presents and therefore concentrate on optimizing their iOS apps on market – especially if you hold a game app. However be aware of Apples App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) shut-down between Dec 23 and Dec 27.

Then nothing else should be standing between you and a profitable holiday season 2017.

Silke Glauninger
Silke is Marketing Manager at App Radar. When not writing about app marketing, you can find her looking for new places to explore or watching series with a cup of tea and chocolate.

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