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Posted in September 2016 by Silke Glauninger

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Finding out which keywords work has never been easier! Great improvements have arrived at App Radar. After carefully listening to our customer’s feedback, we have developed some new features that make App Radar bigger, better and even more user-friendly.

Check optimization effects by comparison

With App Radar Keyword Tracker Pro you can easily check your App Store Optimization effects by using the handy Date Picker functionality. Use it in order to check whether your keyword optimization actions triggered effects. Simply choose two dates to compare them. This is the easiest way to examine keyword performance for two specific points on time.

App Radar date picker feature

Go Back in History

What doesn’t work very well in reality, at least is possible for your keyword ranking stats now. App Radar Keyword Tracker Pro lets you choose dates in the past to view your app’s ranking on a specific date or event. Use the date Switcher or simply browse through your previous rankings on your app’s details view.

Track your rankings with the interactive Graph View

Our brand new intuitive Graph feature does not only look pretty, but is pretty useful. The graph visualizes the ranking of selected keywords over a certain period of time. Select a number of keywords you would like to compare by clicking on them within the keyword list. Pick a certain period of time and the Graph shows you how the selected keywords performed for your app over time. With this feature you can see the changes your app’s performance at a glance.

App Radar Pro graph Feature

Export your Rankings

This feature can be useful if you would like to create your own presentation reports or forward them to another person without App Radar Keyword Tracker access. You can now export all your keyword rankings from App Radar Keyword Tracker to handy Excel files for further preparation. Simply click on Export CSV in your App’s details view and select whether to download your ranking stats for the selected date, current day, previous day, last 7 days or for the last 30 days. Oh! and this also works with your competitor’s ranking stats as well.

Localize your Keyword Tracking

As mentioned in our previous blog post we recently added Italy to App Radar’s supported Keyword Tracking Countries. This means, using the App Radar Keyword Tracker, you only need one tool for monitoring your international app rankings in most used European languages. This gives you the opportunity to easily localize your app and optimize your keywords for Italian, French, English, Spain and German. Hence, you will be able to track keyword performance based on different countries.

App Radar Features Countries Languages

More awesome features are coming soon

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Silke Glauninger
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