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Posted in October 2017 by Silke Glauninger


iOS 11 is already in hands of hundreds of millions people all around the world now and the iPhone X will be available by November 3. This led Apple to send the following lines to iOS developers.

“Make sure your app is updated for iPhone X and that your product page on the App Store showcases these updates. Submit your app, screenshots, and other metadata today.”

Get your app screenshots ready with this high-quality iPhone X Mockups

The release of a new iPhone also means a lot of work to do for passionate app marketers and designers working in the app industry. It usually means that it’s time to update your app and product page.

While many people eagerly await the iPhone X release we know this could mean a lot of work for app marketers and designers, who want to showcase their app in the newest interface. This is why we decided to help you out with this high-quality and free iPhone X mockups for Sketch.

Click the following button to download the iPhone X mockup free of costs. to adapt it to your needs and use it wherever you want.

How to use it

  1. Capture your app interface in the right resolutions (You can use Xcode 9.0.1 to create screenshots with the iPhone X simulator for that)
  2. Download the new iPhone X Mockup & Screenshot Exporter and open the Sketch file
  3. Simply drag and drop your raw app screenshots into the file and adapt it to the mockups. The mockups are adjusted to the real iPhone X resolution of 1125 by 2436 pixels in portrait orientation.
  4. Export your screenshot designs right away and go to App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) or App Radar update your app store page.

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What app developers should have in mind for their next app update

Make sure your app is updated for the new device

The iPhone X comes with a 5.8-inch Super Retina display. Since the device comes with rounded corners and unusual aspect ratio, verify all parts of your app look great on iPhone X. Make sure to test your apps to find and address UI issues in time.

Showcase app updates on your product page

Let potential customers know, if your app is updated for iPhone X. In App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) you can now upload 5.8-inch screenshots in the corresponding tab.

Note: With App Radar you can prepare your app updates, draft your metadata and upload & arrange your screenshots with ease. Uploading iPhone X screenshots will be available soon!

Note that Phone X screenshots are optional and that you cannot use them for smaller devices. Hence, 5.5-inch screenshots remain the standard screenshot size on iPhone and are still required for all apps.

It’s time to supercharge your app store keywords

Besides testing and updating your app, it’s the best time now to revamp your product page metadata. Make sure your app name, keywords, icon and description is ready and up-to-date for the next app update.

If your product page is not adapted for iOS yet, keep the following point into mind. Make use of all available metadata and content slots available to successfully promote your app on Apple App Store.

Checklist for iOS 11 late bloomers:

  • Have you adapted your app name to 30 characters?
  • Find your app a Subtitle. - It’s displayed beneath the app name throughout the App Store.
  • Are your in-app purchases ready? - Your product page can show up to 20 promoted in-app purchases now.
  • Localize your app previews - You can add up three app previews per localization.
  • Have a promotional text ready to convince users about your app.

You want to stay up to date without big effort? App Radar can tell you what to take care of. Don’t fall behind your competition. Take your opportunity now!

Silke Glauninger
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