Ciao Italia! App Radar Now Supports Keyword Tracking for Italy

Posted in September 2016 by Thomas Kriebernegg

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We have great news for all app owners, marketers or developers who want to localize their app in Italy: App Radar Keyword Tracker now supports Italian Keyword Tracking!


Keyword tracking for Italy and 6 more countries

Back from our holidays, we finally added Italy to App Radar’s supported countries. This means you can now track your keyword rankings for the Italian version of your app in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Four months ago we celebrated the long-awaited release of App Radar Keyword Tracker Pro. At that time, Keyword Tracker was supporting localized keyword monitoring in English and German. Starting with 3 countries and 2 languages – Germany, Austria and United States – we put a lot of effort into further developing our tool. Since the start of App Radar Keyword Tracker, United Kingdom, Spain and France soon were added.

What does it mean for my project?
This means, using App Radar Keyword Tracker, you only need one tool for monitoring your international app rankings in most used European languages. This gives you the opportunity to easily localize your app and optimize your keywords for Italian, French, English, Spain and German. Hence, you will be able to track keyword performance based on different countries.

How to add a country to your Project

Please notice: Switch to App Radar Keyword Tracker Pro in order to localize your keyword tracking in further languages and countries. Free Accounts only allow you to track keywords for the one country you have chosen during your sign-up.

Follow these simple steps to localize your keyword tracking for an additional language in App Radar Keyword Tracker.

1. Login to App Radar Keyword Tracker and click on any project

01 Screenshot New Country Italy - App Radar Keyword Tracker - Choose Project

2. When you see the detailed view of your project, navigate to the Countries tab

02 Screenshot New Country Italy - App Radar Keyword Tracker - Countires Tab

3. Select the country you would like to track your app’s rankings for

03 Screenshot New Country Italy - App Radar Keyword Tracker - Select Country

4. Switch to Keywords Tab and add some appropriate keywords to track for this country and language by clicking on Add New Keywords

04 Screenshot New Country Italy - App Radar Keyword Tracker - Keyword Tab05 Screenshot New Country Italy - App Radar Keyword Tracker - Add Keywords

5. Perfect! The Italian rankings for your new keywords from now on will be monitored in the dashboard and will be included in your next Keyword Tracker report!

06 Screenshot New Country Italy - App Radar Keyword Tracker - Keywords Added

More countries and improvements are coming soon!

We hope this will easier your ASO and localization app strategy. But, this is not the end – More languages and countries are coming up soon! If you have any specific requests, you are welcome to drop us a line!

Furthermore, look forward to brand new and useful features coming to App Radar in September! Sign up to our mailing list and never miss an important update!

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Have fun using App Radar Keyword Tracker & Keep On Optimizing! – The App Radar Squad.

Thomas Kriebernegg
Thomas Kriebernegg is the CEO and Co-Founder of App Radar. Besides being one of the most followed persons on Quora and helping app businesses around the world grow, he can be found on windy places doing kitesurfing or enjoying the one or other trail with his mountainbike.

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