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Posted in April 2017 by Silke Glauninger

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Have you ever been working together with translators and had to manage thousands of excel files, word files or google docs? Have you ever found it difficult to communicate and collaborate with translation agencies?

Usually, it takes a lot of effort to get your app assets and metadata translated into various languages before you go to iTunes Connect or Google Developer console and tediously copy and paste every single text into different fields for various localizations. Sometimes it even takes numerous iterations as the text doesn’t fit the character limitations of a given field. Exhausting – right? We think there should be a more time-efficient way to handle translations – so we developed it.

How we revolutionize the way you work with translators

App Radar now brings translators and app owners together. We are proud to introduce our brand-new translation management feature for App Radar Publisher!

App Radar Publisher – What is it about?

The App Radar Publisher is an easy-to-use platform to manage all your metadata and assets for various languages in different localizations. You can easily adapt and submit your store listings to iTunes Connect or Google Developer Console without switching between those two platforms.

App Radar Publisher is out now! App Publishing made easy.

The Translator is a new feature within the App Radar Publisher module, which is available for everyone with a valid license of App Radar Publisher or App Radar Bundle plan. The translator revolutionizes the way you can cooperate with translators or translation agencies.

app radar publisher translator localization feature

The Translator Interface for App Radar Publisher- What can I do with it?

Our new feature allows you to request translations for your app store listing directly within App Radar. Just enter the email address of your translation agency and they will receive an email with your instructions and can directly access the translator interface of App Radar Publisher.

Translators must only fill in the available fields with the desired copy in the language, you have requested. When the translation is finished, they send you a request for approval, so you can review the translation before publishing it to the App Store or Google Play Store.

Manage localizations for various languages

  • See all translation request states at a glance
  • Easily request translations & cooperate with translation agencies
  • Approve or reject submitted translations

How translators can use the Translator feature in App Radar

  • Have all translation requests for a customer at one place
  • Directly translate app metadata in validated fields next to the source language
  • Have all information ready when you translate (word counts, character limits, customer instructions)
  • Save your work for later before you transmit the results to your customer

How to Request Translations with App Radar Publisher

You wonder how you can use the new translator feature? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to easily request translations with App Radar Publisher.

1. Log in to to get to your App Radar dashboard.

2. Choose the app, for which you plan an update and click on Publisher.

3. Click on Manage Translations to see and edit all active or requested translations for your store listing.

app radar publisher manage app translations localization

4. Click on Add Translation. A small window will pop up. Here you can add a new localization of your store listing. You have the possibility to translate the texts on your own or to directly request a translation.

If you want to translate the store listing on your own or want to automatically fill in the fields with the already existing texts of your primary language, simply click on Add. If you want to request a translation, click Request … Translation.

app radar publisher add translation localization

5. Choose the source language, which will serve the translator as a reference. Select languages from the drop-down menu if you want to see your texts translated in more than one language by one translator / translation agency.

app radar publisher translation request languages

6. If needed, you can type in notes for the translator. For example: Please do not translate the word ‘MyAppName’. This message will be viewable by the translator as a customer instruction in their interface.

app radar publisher translator note

Optionally, you can set a due date. This date serves as an additional information for the translator. It communicates until when you want to receive the translation results. We recommend filling it in if there is an urgent update planned to be released in a critical time frame.

7. Next, fill in the translator details. This is where you can choose, who should translate your store listing.

If you have already cooperated with a translator via the App Radar Translator interface, you can choose an “existing translator” from the list.

Click on Invite new Translator if you want to invite a translator or translation agency to the App Radar Translator interface. When doing so, they will receive an invitation email to access your localized store listing.

app radar publisher translator details

8. Hit Send Request to send a translation request to the previously declared email. The recipient will receive an email with the link to the Translator interface on App Radar.

9. As soon as the translator has served your request, he/she can submit the data for approval. You will receive an email saying that your request is ready to be reviewed.

app radar publisher review translation

10. You can see an overview of all requested reviews and their current state, when you click on Manage Translations and explore the list Requested Translations.

11. Already approved translations you can find in the list Active Translations. These localizations are ready to be exported to iTunes Connect / Google Developer Console. However, you can still edit them on your own until you hit the button Export to iTunes Connect.

How to get access to this feature

If you already have a valid App Radar Publisher account, you can directly go to your App Radar Dashboard on and follow the previously explained steps.

If you are new to App Radar, simply signup for one of our plans including the App Radar Publisher license. The first 14 days are 100% for free and allow you unlimited access to all features.

App Publishing made easy

If you want to know more how you can boost the app publishing and localization process with App Radar, here is a short video explaining, what the App Radar Publisher does.

If you have any questions about App Radar or its new features, just send us a mail at Also, send us some general feedback to if you like!

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