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Posted in October 2016 by Silke Glauninger

App Radar News

We have been carefully listening to our customer’s feedback and are proud to introduce App Radar 2.0! We have been working hard on a major update for our App Store Optimization Tool coming out this week with new design and awesome new features. Get an exclusive Sneak Peek below!

Improved Interface for App Radar

Our web dashboard now shines in a new look. We want App Radar to be clear and easy-to-handle, so it was redesigned for improvements in look and handling. To make tracking your app’s keywords easier, we focused on simplifying work steps.

App Radar 2.0 Release Sneak Peek

Keyword Suggestions

To get you started with keywords, we will provide you with additional Keyword Suggestions. Just start typing a word and get various suggestions back. Then simply click on relevant ones to add them to your keyword set.

Keyword Suggestions App Radar

Keyword Popularity

Keyword Popularity finally arrived at App Radar. Representing a keyword’s search volume, this additional index will give you an idea of how many users are searching for it within the App Store.

Keyword Popularity Search Volume

One question, we get asked continuously is “Which search terms are the most popular ones searched for in the App Store?”. Now we can answer it with App Radar! You can discover trending search terms based on the trending keywords provided from Apple App Store. You can find Trending Keywords feature right within the menu when you are about to add new keywords.

Trending Keywords App Radar

All Premium Features now free for the first 14 Days

Now that we’ve implemented various awesome App Radar features, we thought it’s time to show it to all of you. – From now on, all new App Radar users get unlimited access to all paid App Radar features for 14 Days free.

After that 14-day Trial, you have the opportunity to upgrade to a paid subscription plan fitting your preferences.

If you have any questions about App Radar or its new features, just send us a mail at Also send us some general feedback if you like!

App Publisher Beta starts soon

That wasn’t all. App Radar family is going to get a new member! And it’s called App Radar Publisher. Publisher is a fast and simple app publishing tool to manage, edit and publish apps for iOS and Android. Yes – All in ONE tool to save you hours of work.

App Radar Publisher Beta

Good News: You can sign up for a free limited closed Beta. Visit this link for more information and to sign up for Beta program.

Bad News: You have to hurry up. The period for Publisher Beta signup is almost over. So if you want to be one of the first to use Publisher for free, better sign up this very day. We are looking forward for you!

Silke Glauninger
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