6 tips to improve your app visibility with user acquisition campaigns

Posted in February 2017 by Galina Divakova

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How to improve your app visibility? That is the matter of concern for every app developer. It is not enough to make a great app. You need to get as many eyeballs on it as possible. And with the enormous competition in the market, when thousands of new apps get released every day, it seems nearly impossible. However, there are several tactics that can help you gain an advantage over your competitors and improve your app visibility. Such as doing a user acquisition campaign.

1. Prepare for the campaign: do the ASO

First things first — make sure that your app can be found organically in the app stores. Don’t forget that content needs to communicate with machines as well as with end users. It should be easy for a search algorithm to discover your app, that is why it is preferable to put keywords in your app’s title, rather than choosing a fancy name for it. No less important is to find relevant keywords and optimize the description and visual content to match them. Getting positive reviews will also play a big role in getting higher rank for your app. It also motivates users to click on the download button when they proceed to your store page having clicked on an ad of your promotion campaign.

2. Define your audience

Before starting a user acquisition campaign, you need to know for sure whom you are you going to target. Clearly determine the buyer persona for your app: their gender, age, location, interests, and willingness to spend money in an app. Targeting an action game at young men makes much more sense than doing the same for middle-aged women. Recognize the difference and tailor your application to meet the needs of the audience you were creating it for.

Define your audience

3. Discover the cost of promotion for each country

Every market has its specific features. Doing user acquisition in Tier 1 countries may be more costly than in the emerging markets. But which location should become the main focus of your campaign to be determined only after you have done some research. Use CPI (cost per install) index to compare different countries — most mobile ad platforms use CPI as the main payment mode. You can also calculate the cost of promoting a localized version of your app if you are planning to do an international release.

4. Choose the right advertising platform

Selecting an advertising platform that would meet all of your needs is essential. Give preference to the one that can offer programmatic approach and CPI payment model.This way, you will be able to rely on the automated targeting of users, based on their location, device or interests. And pay only for the number of installs that your app gets, not the number of impressions or clicks that might not result in any engagement with CPI.

Right Platform

5. Leverage non-incentive traffic

When doing user acquisition, it is tempting to go for cheaper incentive traffic. However, you have to realize that the users will be literally pushed to download your app, which might lead them to frustration. That is why incentive traffic cannot guarantee high retention rates — most apps end up in the trash the day they were installed.

It is advisable to choose non-incentive traffic for your campaigns, in order to access your target audience, who will have the initial interest in your offer. They are much more likely to engage with your app in a meaningful way.

6. Assess the results

Gathering and analyzing the results of your user acquisition campaign is essential to find out if you are achieving your goals.

It is important in case you need to correct the course of your campaign or tackle problems that you might have encountered. To start tracking the campaign results, get the SDK of a tracking system. It is a piece of code, that can transmit the reports about the number of installments of your app, so you have accurate information about your CPI campaigns. Use that data to enhance the efficiency of advertising and increase the visibility of your app.

A user acquisition campaign done right is what can help you to get your app in front of the relevant and engaged audience, which will improve your app’s visibility and eventually, earn you revenue.

Guest Author
Galina Divakova
Galina Divakova is the CMO at Clickky, a full stack marketing platform for mobile publishers and advertisers. She is an experienced mobile marketing manager with a great passion for all the things tech. Galina is always in a search for new trends and solutions that might bring new opportunities in the rapidly evolving mobile industry.

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