5 Strategies How to Conquer the App Market

Posted in May 2017 by Elisa Mourão

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Conquering the app market is not an easy battle. However, it is doable. If your app is not performing in the way you expected, do not panic. Today, we are going to give you 5 tips on how to improve it and then conquer this super huge app market.

1. Leverage the community

Increase your Reviews and Ratings

It might sound boring to work on it, but it is more important than you think. Good reviews and ratings make your app more relevant on the app stores algorithm, which makes it more findable in the searching engines of the stores. Hence, always ask your user to rate your app and always thank them for doing it. You can thank them with a friendly note or also with benefits within the app, for instance, coins in your game, or a price offer. Bear in mind that you have a challenge at the Apple App Store. Every time that you release a new version of your app, all the past reviews and ratings are gone, and the battle starts again from scratch. Thus, never forget about them. Last but not least, read all your reviews. By doing so you are going to have good insights of what is working, what needs to be improved, and what your users are missing on it. The more you read and answer them, the more credibility you will have inside your audience.

Viral Loop

Make users become your marketers. You do not always need to spend amounts of money on advertising your product. Give your users the urge to share your app with their friends. Allow them to share your content, for instance, share their score on Twitter or Facebook.

Ask the community

A good option to get people to know your app is by leveraging the community on early-adopter platforms like Product Hunt, BetaList, Reddit, etc. If you do not know that, there is no problem, it is quite simple to use. For example, on Product Hunt, someone will submit a tech product that they like, and people in the community will vote if they like it or not. It is a good option to show the world your new app. The only drawback is that you cannot simply login and post about your product. You need to be invited by someone of the community. A good option is to be listed as Maker by a community member when your app is listed. Maybe at first it will not give you tons of downloads, but it will definitely be important to give your product some relevance in the app market.

Appradar Publisher on Producthunt

Build your personal online presence

You need to establish an online presence, and so, you will have followers. You can build a health profile on Instagram with 15.000 followers, and when you launch your health app, you will not definitely start from zero.

2. Use the power of good design

Design a Great App Icon

Before reading the name of your app or checking what it actually does, your potential user will look at your app icon. There is no escape, you have to take care of it as it will be crucial to invite your potential user to check your app landing page. You have to work on an icon that is catchy, modern and that represents what your app is offering. Avoid text and complex illustrations, once the app icon usually is seen in small size.

iPhone 6 app icons

Use your Screenshots Wisely

See the screenshots as the way you are going to tell your story to your visitors, as in the end, they are going to download it. It is much more likely to a person to go through your screenshots than read your description. Thus, you should work on them. The two first images are the ones that should be the most convincing, so as the potential users get curious and scroll to see your other images. They must show how beautiful your design is, how easy your app is to use, and the most important features of it.

Coherent design

Do not forget that your icon, your layout, etc represent your brand. So you have to maintain an identity. Your brand should be be easily recognizable, and your app easily identified as yours. So, create your identity wisely.

3. Create the best app possible

Focus on Development

If you follow the previous advice, it is likely that we are already talking about the user experience. The user must have a good experience with your app; so that he comes back and keeps your app installed. Make sure the app does not crash when one using it. Also, be sure it is well developed and performs nicely and quickly. Be careful with notifications. Too many of them can be quite annoying, but use them so that the user will remember to use your app.

Instigate your user

Downloads are important, but they are not everything. You have to make your user keep using your app. This is important to the relevance of your app in the searching engines of the app store.

app user

UX Optimization

The user experience is a critical point. Your app must be easy to use since the first time a person opens it. Optimize and make your UX the most intuitive as possible.

4. Work on your Landing page

Localize your App Page

It might sound silly to hear that having your app only in English it is not enough. However, that is true. When you hear about translating your app into another language, it includes the name of the app, the description and also the screenshots. Do not hesitate to do that. Many users prefer to use apps in their native language while others will not even consider downloading an app in a foreign language. You might have a bigger audience in another country than in your own. You have to adapt and explore! Do not forget that localizing your app is not only about translating it, it is about adapting it to another culture.

Expert tip: App Radar Publisher got a new feature that helps you managing your metadata translations. That means, you can now send translation requests to your translator directly via App Radar. When the translation is done, you can review your translation request and simply overtake the changes for your app page localization to export it to iTunes Connect with just one click.

Appradar manage translations

You have to understand that being featured by Apple or Google means that your app is carrying a quality stamp. This can help you to have a high number of downloads in a short period of time, which will bring your app higher in the search rank. In addition, you will have more users on your landing page, which can lead to more downloads.

5. Optimize efficiently

Optimize your Keyword Strategy

The first step making your app as findable as possible is by working on your keywords. You have to choose keywords that are assertive and that explain well your app. Think about a word a person would use to find an app like yours. Remember that people search differently on browsers searching engines and app stores. Do not forget to place your most important keyword in the name of your app. This will count a lot on the search engine. There are several platforms that can help you with your keyword strategies, App Radar ranks your app on your chosen keywords and sends you daily reports.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your competitors

Check what your competitors are doing. It is crucial to know how you stand in the battle of search rankings. If many apps are using a specific keyword, rethink and try to brainstorm similar possibilities to find niches for your new app and come to the top of rankings step by step.

Expert tip: Add competitor apps to your App Radar project in order to know how your own app performs in search results comparing to your competitor apps.

Appradar apps overview

You do not have an App Radar project yet? No problem. You can register your account and use all features of App Radar 14 days for free.

Conclusion – Summary

We know that this is a lot of information. So, if you want to conquer the app market, follow the steps:

  • Leverage the community– Use platforms like Product Hunt to get people to know your product; ask for ratings and reviews; read and answer them; work on the viral loop, your user must be able to share your content; focus on your online presence, not only on the app; exchange advertisements and get known through other products.
  • Use the power of good design – Design an app visuals that are catchy and that match with the layout of your app; both have to represent your brand.
  • Create the best app possible – develop your app in the best away to avoid crashes, to be light and to be intuitive to any of your users.
  • Work on your landing page – Localize your page to different places, so that you can reach the highest number of users possible; get featured by Apple App Store and Google Play to have more credibility and downloads.
  • Optimize efficiently – Work on your keywords; always updated them; track them and keep an eye on the keyword strategy of your competitors, but do not copy them, improve it!
Elisa Mourão
Elisa graduated in Communication at PUC-Rio (Brazil) and has a Master Degree in Screen Culture by University of Roehampton (UK). Even though she is the Brazilian cliché born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, she loves visiting cold places.

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