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Posted in October 2016 by Silke Glauninger

App Store Optimization

While the importance of App Store Optimization in mobile app marketing strategies remains constant, trends are moving towards app discovery and retention.For this blog post, we decided to put 4 of the most favored 2016 ASO Trends in a nutshell.

1. Search Ads are coming to improve app discoverability

This summer, Apple announced to bring in-store Search Ads for iOS developers. Starting this fall, Search Ads beta is running on App Store for the United States.

app store search ads aso trendsASO Trends 2016: App Store Search Ads

By introducing Search Ads, Apple tries to solve the discoverability problem of various apps on App Store. With over 65 % of downloads coming directly from searches on the App Store, search is the most significant discoverability-method for apps. The concept of Search Ads should enable you to promote your app at the top of app store search results. This should improve user experience for customers searching for an app on the App Store and help you get your app discovered.

2. App Indexing drives downloads and reengagement

Deep Linking already was a trending ASO tactic in 2015. But we all just begun to see how it affects the mobile marketing ecosystem. Deep Linking and App Indexing helps your app to get discovered more easily outside the app store. By getting your app into Online Search, you can drive downloads and reengagement.

app indexing aso trendsASO Trends 2016: App Indexing

And this is how App Indexing works: Using App Indexing, your app can get displayed and promoted as an app result on Google Search. If your app and site have similar content, you can associate them with each other. Google then can index your app to serve it in search results. People, who are searching for your content and do not have your app installed, they get directed to the app store listing. Someone, who searches for some specific content in your app and already has installed it, gets directed to the app itself.

3. App Descriptions are getting more attention

Another ASO trend, we recognized in 2016 is the increasing importance of app descriptions. While it was well known, that app descriptions are relevant for Google Play ranking, many app developers have ignored descriptions in App Store. In the recent past, however, the value of app description is rising again.

unispotter app description aso trendsASO Trends 2016: Emoji in App Description

Since Apple plans to attach greater value on keywords in description, the field is another important part for your keyword strategy. It can be noticed, that keywords in App Store descriptions have impact on your search ranking. Also Emoji can be spotted in higher concentration in 2016. A nice example of Emoji-use in app description is that of “Unispotter” on Google Play: Funny, useful for text structuring & addressing target audience – we like that.

4. There is more focus on Retention

When there is a hot topic to discuss with app marketers in 2016, then it is app retention. Several studies showed that it is very common for the average app to lose 77% of its DAUs within the first 3 days after the install. It turned out to be normal, that over time, 95% of users “get lost”. This caused some critical discussions in mobile industry.

aso trends 2016 retention graph average appASO Trends 2016: Fight the Retention Curve

It is a fact, that users generally tend to try out different apps but decide which ones to abandon within the first 3 – 7 days. Thus, app developers are trying to improve these retention curves by enhancing product description and onboarding flow. What to do in order to bend the curve, depends on the kind of mobile app. For a blogging product for example, you could let users pick a theme, name or write their first post to get them invested. Social services on the other hand can increase their retention by getting users to import their address book and connect to a few friends to enable a good start and strong user experience. What stays the same with all kinds of apps, is that you have to make the user feel like your app is really useful. (creating an app that is actually useful, helps in this case 😉 )

All in all, we saw that App Store Optimization is dealt as a crucial part in mobile app business and will still remain a hot topic in 2017. Due to the worldwide growth in mobile device usage, also mobile app downloads are predicted to expand. As a result of growing smartphone and tablet industry, there was a growth rate of 52.17 percent in the years between 2011 and 2016. On the other hand this means app stores become more and more crowded. “Can your users find your app“, therefore, will become a question, app publishers will strongly emphasize in 2017.

Which trends are you looking forward to experiment with in 2017? Feel free to share us your thoughts on Twitter (@appradar_com) using the hastag “#ASOTrends2017” 🙂

Silke Glauninger
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