How to Use Adwords to Boost Mobile App Promotion Installs

Posted in June 2016 by Silke Glauninger

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In our previous blog post about Search Ads coming to App Store, we already mentioned, that ads integrated into search results is not so new for Google. The search engine giant already gives us the opportunity to push your search engine ranking for specific keywords with AdWords. This is not a secret, however, only few developers yet use AdWords for mobile app promotion within Google Play Store.

In the following we would like to show you 3 types of campaigns allowing you to promote your app across Google Search, YouTube, Google Display Network and Google Play.

Mobile app promotion campaigns

Google gives you various types of ad campaigns for promoting your apps in both Play Store and Search Engine. In order to create one of the following ad campaigns for your mobile app, you need to have access to a Google AdWords account.

Universal app campaigns

Universal app campaigns allow you to advertise your app across all of Google’s ad networks to maximize reach and increase app installs. The best on these kind of ads: it is a quick and easy way to promote an app in different networks with the need of only a single campaign. Those ads can appear on Google Play, Google Search, in YouTube app or on mobile site and in Google Display Network.

Search Ads universal app campaigns Goolge Play Store

Mobile app installs campaigns

Using Mobile app installs campaign is a great way for getting more people to download your app. With those campaigns you create custom app install ads exclusively for mobile devices. Mobile app install ads can appear in Display Network, Search Network (Google Play and Google Search) or on YouTube. They are based on your app icon and reviews and forward interested ones directly to the app store.

Mobile App install campaigns Goolge AdWords

Mobile app engagement campaigns

In contrast to mobile app installs campaigns, mobile app engagement campaigns are focused on finding users interested in your app content. It is a good choice of campaign if you want to engage with people who already installed your app. With the help of these ads, you can get them to try your app again, engage them to open it or to encourage users of your app to take some specific action. These apps are specialized for Display Network, so they will appear in other apps.

Mobile app engagement campaigns Google AdWords

Universion App Campaigns for iOS

Apple plans to roll out Beta-Search Ads this summer only for U.S. App Store. But Google has some great news for non-U.S. iOS-Developers. They recently announced to make Universal App Campaigns accessible for iOS apps too. Over the last year, so Google said, they have increased app install volume by 100% with the help of ads. Till today the company has driven more than 2 billion app downloads – and this number should increase now that iOS gets added to campaign options.

What this means for App Store Optimization

The fact that the two major app stores place ads in search results, demonstrates that organic search queries are actually one of the most crucial factors for app discovery in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Search Ad campaigns however can become a useful addition to your App Store Optimization and App Marketing strategy.

Stay tuned for further blog posts about app marketing and ASO tips and tricks.

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