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Increase your ROAS with industry leading big data, artificial intelligence and expertise.

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Get more value for your ad spend

Stop wasting money on under-performing keywords. Our Apple Search Ads Team will re-allocate budgets to relevant keywords that deliver high-quality users for your app or game. 

Protect your brand and stay ahead

Don’t let your competitors profit from the brand you built. Our App Store Ad experts will identify who is bidding with your name and take action to protect your brand. 

Big Data built to grow your mobile business

App Radar’s artificial intelligence and big data goes beyond buzzwords. We rely on more than one trillion data points: making data-drive decisions has never been easier. 

How Search Ads as a Service work

Whether you are new to Search Ads or want to maximize ROAS, we can help.

Phase 1


  • App Listing Analysis 
  • Keyword Analysis
  • App Metrics & Performance 
  • Growth Potential Evaluation

Phase 2


  • Keyword Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Creative Assets Optimization
  • Translation & Localization

Phase 3


  • Search Ads test run
  • Google UAC test run
  • CPI forecasting
  • ROAS forecasting

Phase 4


  • Maximize ROAS
  • Lower CPI
  • Increase your profit margin
  • Get high Quality Users

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