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Mobile App Marketing Week is over for this time! ?

Learn the best practices of mobile app marketing within a week. Join our app marketing experts and guest speakers to grow faster together!
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App Marketing Week - 5 days filled with Mobile Marketing Knowledge

Our App Marketing Week is organized by topics. Every day, you have one live webinar where you can learn from experts and ask your questions. But Elisa also sends you every day an email with topic-specific content and finds answers to any specific questions you have.
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You'll love our speakers ? App marketers & entrepreneurs with actionable advice!

Besides bringing in App Radar knowledge, we've asked some of the best industry experts to share their app marketing experience!
Juliane Besler App Radar

Juliane Besler, Marketing Manager at Kolibri Games

Juliane is a true advertising guru and since 2017 responsible for marketing at Kolibri Games, the fast-growing company behind the Idle Miner Tycoon game.
Ryan Kelley App Radar

Ryan Kelley, Mobile Growth Expert

Ryan is the ASO Manager at Neil Patel Digital and also works as a freelance mobile growth consultant, teacher, advisor, and workshop facilitator.
Paula App Radar

Paula Bentancur, Head of Marketing at Ironhide Game Studio

Paula is a marketing specialist focused on developing the community of one of the most acclaimed Tower Defense games, Kingdom Rush Saga.
Ben App Radar

Ben Heisch, App Entrepreneur

Experienced app-entrepreneur, especially focused on creating concepts and strategies for mobile marketing and mobile technologies.
Kay App Radar

Kay Dollt, CEO at JamitLabs

Kay, aka The App Guy, is all about helping apps to successfully realize their app vision and launch it into the market.
Thomas App Radar

Thomas Kriebernegg, CEO at App Radar

Thomas, app developer and entrepreneur, brings learnings of 15 years in digital marketing. He's a true app enthusiast and ex-hardcore gamer.
Elisa App Radar

Elisa Mourao, Marketing Manager at App Radar

Elisa is the go-to-person for learning app marketing and getting creative with your content, no matter the budget.
Jesse Geeklab App Radar

Jesse Lempiäinen, CEO at Geeklab

Jesse did his time in mobile marketing working at Rovio being responsible for titles like Angry Birds Dream Blast and partnerships with brands like Super Bowl and Iron Maiden.
Grete App Radar

Grete Ling, Head of Marketing at App Radar

An entrepreneurial mind, passionate about data-driven and experimental marketing with international focus.
Elena App Radar

Elena Wibmer, App Marketing Expert at App Radar

Elena is intrigued by searching for new app store tricks to share with her clients all around the world, with special focus on organic user acquisition.
Gabriela App Radar

Gabriela Gavrailova, App Marketing Expert at App Radar

Gabriela is an app marketer with strong SEO background, with a focus on localizing store listings.

Schedule for Mobile App Marketing Week ? 26.04.21-30.04.21

The week is organized by topics. Work with on-demand content, receive extra materials via email, and participate in live webinars.
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Day 1: App Store Launch - how to get it right?

How to have a successful app store launch and prepare for it with market research and competitor analysis? In the live webinar, 3 hands-on app developers and entrepreneurs talk about their experiences.

We'll focus on:
  • Competitor analysis
  • Preparing for app store launch
  • Early featurings in app stores
Plan your

Day 2: Creating App Marketing Strategy

How to build a successful marketing strategy for your app? What are different channels you can use for gaining downloads? Which metrics should you focus on? This day will get you started with a plan for reaching your targets, no matter the budget.

We'll cover:
  • Goals and KPIs
  • Market research
  • Marketing channels
Attract the
right users

Day 3: App User Acquisition

It's time to dig into user acquisition! Besides sharing with you organic and paid UA tactics, the live webinar brings together app marketers who are working on store listings daily. Get actionable insights for daily work processes, focus points and more.

We'll cover:
  • Organic and paid UA channels
  • Which KPIs to track
  • Workflow & processes
Users buy
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Day 4: Using App Creatives

What kind of screenshots and icons should you be creating and testing to increase conversion rates? How can you use video to promote your app? In the live event, join Elisa and Jesse to learn how to convince your target audience with amazing visuals.

We'll focus on:
  • All creatives - screenshots, app icon and video
  • How to regularly test app creatives
  • Tips and best practices
Ask us

Day 5: All App Marketing Questions Answered

Ask our app marketing experts for anything you want! (Let's stay app marketing specific though ?) This is the day when all your specific questions will find their answers. We've got you covered with the perfect trio - an app entrepreneur, ASO expert, and ASA expert.

Join if any of these questions are circling in your head:
  • How to succeed as an app entrepreneur?
  • How to grow downloads with no or limited budget?
  • How to do advertising in app stores?
Start with
App Radar

Day 5: App Radar Product Tour

We end our week with a live App Radar product tour. This is your chance to see Katja & Roman in action - showing step by step how to use App Radar for making your app more successful!

We'll cover:
  • Finding the right keywords
  • Spying on competitors
  • Updating app store listing for several locales

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BONUS: Start learning already today ?‍?

Meet Elisa - she's here to focus on your app marketing education! She has already put together some awesome app marketing content for you to get started already today, see our App Marketing Academy below.
Send her all your app marketing questions: [email protected]

There's already available 4 tracks of content - App Store Optimization Basics, Intermediate, Advanced and App Store Advertising - in text as well as on video! Check out the Academy and our YouTube channel right away or sign up for the events to do it together with us during App Marketing Week!
Elisa App Radar App Marketing Education
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Chris on Twitter:

"For people looking to learn about App Store Optimization (ASO), I’d recommend watching all of the @appradar_com YouTube videos."
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EzDD on YouTube:

"Very meaningful, as a marketer, the content definitely represents high level of understanding of marketing."
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Giuseppe via LinkedIn

"As an app developer, I find it awesome that App Radar put so much free content online to get me started with app marketing."

On-demand content - App Radar Academy

We have 40+ lessons available online - get started with app store optimization and advertising today!

ASO Basics, Intermediate & Advanced

What is App Store Optimization? Ultimate Guide to ASO in 2021
Master the process of improving app visibility within the app stores and increasing app conversion rates.
App Keywords: How to Choose the Best Keywords for Your App
Learn how to build a strong keyword set that will increase your keyword rankings, app store visibility, and app downloads. Let’s get started!
What is App Localization?
Dig into the process of adapting your app store listing to appeal to different geographic target markets.

Optimizing for Apple App Store and Google Play

Short and Long Description: Placing Keywords in Android App Descriptions
For both, iOS and Android apps, you need to provide the app stores with an app description, which is part of the app metadata.
App Store Ratings and Reviews: How User Reviews Affect App Store Ranking
We’ll be going through how to reply to the reviews your app gets in the Apple App Store and highlight why it is so important to respond!
Getting Featured in the Google Play Store
Google Play reaches billions of Android users in over 190 territories. Featured apps get a boost in app store impressions and, as a result, installs!


Ultimate Guide to App Store Advertising 2021
What is app store advertising, and why is it necessary? We’re about to find out!
Apple Search Ads: Learning the Basics
Explore how Apple Search Ads can be your secret weapon to increase visibility, downloads, and growth.
Google App Campaign: Learning the Basics
Google App Campaign (Google AC) - opportunity for iOS and Android developers to advertise their mobile apps and games to a worldwide audience.