Powerful API for extracting Android and iOS data


Don’t just settle for the default data and reports for your mobile app – personalize it with our API! App Radar’s API allows you to obtain valuable app store and app metrics data at scale. Plug it into your internal business intelligence system and use App Radar’s data to track your mobile app performance.


With App Radar’s API, you’ll always have the exact mobile data that you need and when you need it. So why wait? Get in touch with us today!


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    What data are you interested in?:

    Some benefits you will get from our API


    Get Apple App Store and Google Play Store data from 100+ countries

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    Get more statistics about the apps you manage and share them internally or with your clients

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    Make your app management and update process efficient and scalable

    Who can use App Radar’s API


    Indie developers who want to track the performance of multiple apps

    Flat Hierarchy

    Corporations and large organizations that need reliable data on their apps


    App marketing agencies that manage multiple apps for their clients

    Dig into the world of mobile app stores and choose what your business needs

    Access app store data in personalized way

    • App versions and localizations
    • Metadata & Top charts
    • Historical rankings
    • Ratings and reviews
    • Download estimates 
    • Paid campaigns
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    Access app metrics data with customized view

    • Keyword rankings
    • Top keywords and distributions
    • Trending keywords and suggestions
    • Competitor keywords and tracking suggestions
    • Keyword statistics
    • Category keywords
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    app metrics

    Accelerate workflows and efficiency by utilizing App Radar’s API

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    Easy to implement and use in your business tools


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    More flexibility in the customization of your own dashboards and mobile app analytics

    Fast Growth
    Valuable Apple App Store and Google Play Store data for making the right decisions

    Get access to the vast universe of mobile app data

    Personalize your mobile app data and customize reports to better suit your business needs. Get the most out of your app usage data and make informed decisions about how to improve your app.
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    “App Radar's Market Intelligence product is an invaluable source of market insight. From App Radar's platform, we can quickly and easily see how apps are performing across a huge range of categories. Different apps are simple to compare on the intuitive UI and, thanks to years of historical data, it is easy to see long-term trends. It's perfect for any business that wants to undertake deep market research, see how their competitors are performing or use app downloads to better understand wider customer behaviour.”

    Robert Bownes
    CEO of Old Street Communications
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