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Posted in February 2016 by Silke Glauninger

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As with every competitive business, the mobile app one requires some market research. The market research process consists of observing possible markets and gathering information about customers and competitors. Thus, App market research does not differ from standard market research. However, it is a key factor in ASO to know your target market. Doing market research, you gather important information to identify and analyze customers, market need, market size, and existing competition.

Market Research Approach

Commonly, you follow some simple but effective steps to analyze your market. First of all, you examine your target market by finding out who is offering similar apps in this sector. Furthermore, it is necessary to identify potential customers. Therefore, you should analyze the profiles of users ranking for your competitor’s apps. Try to to find out what users like and what they say you might do it better. Find out their needs and desires. This can also be considered Customer Research.

Another important question is whether your competitors’ apps rank well and generate many downloads or not. If they do not succeed, ask yourself what may have gone wrong for your competitor’s app, or if this niche is not in demand.

Competitor Analysis

App store optimization (ASO) in general is about increasing visibility and app downloads within app stores. Hence, routine competitor analysis is an essential factor within this process. In order to maintain high visibility for your app, you have to know how your competitors are performing. Thus, you should continuously check how competing apps are ranking and how to take action to win over users.

App Radar, for example, supports you in doing this job by automatically tracking the performance of your app, of your competitors’ apps and also their Keyword Rankings.

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