App Store Optimization Guide

Want to learn how to optimize your app for more downloads?
App Store Optimization
App Store Optimization is the process of improving visibility of your app within app stores. Similar like SEO is for webpages, ASO is essential for your app page. Find out more about this concept and how it will bring you more organic downloads.
App Store Ranking Factors
App Stores use complex mathematical algorithms in order to sort apps in app store search results. There are several factors influencing your position in app search rankings. Read this post to find out which factors play a major role for app visibility.
Keyword Research & Keyword Optimization
Keyword Research and Keyword Optimization are two major tasks in the iterative process of App Store Optimization. Both tasks play together to find the perfect keyword strategy in order to increase findability in app stores. Find out what these terms are about.
Keyword Strategy
While as Long or Mid Tail Keywords represent rather specific search terms, Head Tail Keywords (Short Tail) leave room for interpretation as they are often short and very generic search terms. Learn more about the two basic types of keywords relevant for ASO.
Market Research
Understanding market and customers is the most crucial success factor for your app marketing strategy. This makes market observation, market analysis and competitor research an important step in App Store Optimization. Find out more about this.
App Monitoring & Keyword Tracking
App Store Optimization is a complex iterative process. This makes it necessary to have a regular check on your app’s performance. App monitoring and keyword tracking are crucial tasks for your app marketing. We have developed something to easier this task for you. Go see yourself.
Mobile App Stores
App stores let users search for, download, purchase and update mobile apps for their smartphones or tablets. You can publish your app on one ore several app stores. In this post we tell you which are the leading mobile app stores and how they work.
App Store Product Page
Every app published on third-party app stores, has its own product page, also called store listing or app page. There users can explore, download and rate the app. Here you can find out which elements on this page implicitly affect your app’s ranking.
Visuals on your app page like screenshots, app icon and feature images indirectly affect the ranking of your app as they have power to convince users to download your app. Furthermore they play an essential role for your app’s branding.
App Screenshots & Preview Videos
App screenshots and preview or promo videos allow you to demonstrate the functionality and interface of your app. Here you can find guidelines and tips how to design screenshots and preview videos that fit the app store requirements and convince users.
App Icon
Your app icon communicates the core idea and brand of your app. It is the first impression users get from your it and has the power to thrive organic downloads. Here you can find some recommendations for app icons.
Feature Graphic
The feature graphic is a powerful marketing tool to attract users. This image is specific to Google Play Store and is required to get your app featured. Especially games use it as a tool for user acquisition. Read more about feature graphics here.
App Title
The app title plays a critical role in app store ranking and how users find your app. A good app name should bring high recognition value and most important keywords in it. Find some recommendations for app titles in this post.
App Description
The app description is part of meta-data fields and has the goal to explain app features and important app information for users. Furthermore it is read by the search algorithm and therefore relevant for app ranking.